At Green Garbology, we are the experts in servicing the trash flow ecosystem. Since 1979, we have been building great relationships with our customers and helping them to make their building healthier and their tenants happier.


Linen Chutes

Dirty linen carries bacteria that can stay and grow in your chute. This creates a safety risk to workers and may even contaminate the air in your building.  We can perform the following services for your linen chutes:


  • Clean

  • Deodorize

  • Repair

  • Replace

Trash Chutes

Out of sight is out of mind but, every time your tenant opens the trash chute door, they are exposed to the build-up of garbage and bacteria growing inside.


Reduce odor and harmful conditions by regular cleaning and maintenance on your trash chutes.  We offer the following services for your trash chutes to help keep your building healthy and your tenants happy:

  • Cleaning

  • Deodorizing

  • Repairing

  • Replacing​

Jammed Chutes

Chutes get jammed by an abundance of waste or a partial collapse causing a backup in the system.  We can perform the following services on your chutes to make sure the trash flows out of your building:

  • Clear

  • Repair

  • Test

  • Mitigate Jamming

Collapsed Chutes

Poor design or aging trash systems can be subject to a collapsed chute causing a total shutdown of your waste management operations.  Tenants get very upset when they have to trudge down to the basement with their stinky garbage.  Call us for the following services on your chutes:



  • Fabrication

  • Repair

  • Reinforcement

  • Replacement

  • Mitigation​


Cart Tippers, Compactors, and Balers

By far the most important component in your trash flow system is the heavy equipment like loaders, compactors, and balers.  These require regular PM servicing for proper operation and longevity.  When something goes wrong, like a hydraulic leak or broken piston, repair cannot happen fast enough.  We provide the following services for your cart tippers / dumpers, compactors, and balers:


  • Design Spec

  • Recommendations

  • Sales

  • Installations

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Repair

  • Replace

  • Relocate

  • Update

Odor Neutralization

Are your tenants complaining about the smell every time they walk past the trash room or open a chute door?  It may be time to install a deodorizer that removes that smell. Our deodorization solutions are:


  • Biodegradable

  • Pet and People Safe

  • Professional Strength for Consumer Use

  • Remove the Odor - Don't Mask it!

Compliance Inspection

The NFPA Code 82 Sections 5 11.2 and 11.3 deal with trash rooms and especially chutes.  You must have an annual inspection report on file for the Fire Marshall or AHJ when requested.  During our Complaince Inspection we will:


  • Make sure you meet NFPA Requirements

  • Inspect and Verify Fire Links

  • Inspect and Test Chute Intake Doors

  • Inspect and Test Chute Discharge Doors

  • Provide You a Written Annual Inspection Report

Safety Inspection

We know that the safety of your employees and tenants is a high priority for you.  Keeping you notified about safety is ours.  We inspect your trash flow equipment to ensure that everything is operating properly and you have the appropriate documentation on file for the AHJ.  Our Safety Inspection consists of:

  • Making sure all chute doors auto-close and lock

  • The power cut-off is accessible and operational

  • Compactor is evaluated for safety

  • Cart and bin wheels are operating correctly

  • Tippers and loaders operate correctly

  • Inspect discharge fire door for proper operation

Trash Flow Analysis

Taking out the garbage is an everyday task that can become mundane and is often not given much thought.  A review of your trash flow might yield real savings in your trash hauling charges.  Let us come perform a Trash Flow Analysis and we will:

  • Inspect the trash flow system

  • Review the refuse mix

  • Review hauler contracts

  • Make recommendations for improvements

  • Help you mitigate costs through cost avoidance

TTRS® Total Trash Room Service®

The Total Trash Room Service® is a favorite among our customers.  This monthly service is provided to you as a customized a-la-carte service that creates the best opportunity for keeping your tenants happy and the trash room operating at peak efficiency. The TTRS® includes:


  • Your Annual Compliance Inspection Report for the AHJ

  • Monthly site visit and odor neutralization

  • Evaluation of equipment operation

  • Lubrication of Loaders, Compactors, Tippers, and other related equipment

  • Odor Control


One of the best features of the monthly TTRS® is that break/fix work can be completed during the site visit saving you a trip charge.  Call us today to sign-up for TTRS® and keep the trash flowing.

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