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At Green Garbology, we are the experts in maintaining your Trash Flow Ecosystem. Since 1979, we have been providing environmentally sustainable approaches to each property. Our solutions make trash rooms Healthy, Compliant and Safe, resulting in happier residents. Come in, take a look around, and see the wide range of our products and services. We are here to help and guide those looking for trash answers. Call for a due diligence walk today


    Green Garbology and all their employees are top notch!!! We love having them assist us at our property in Dallas, Texas to keep our property smelling great!!!!

    Sue F/ Google Review

    I have been in the apartment industry for over 3 decades and have worked at many different types of buildings.In the last 10 years I have worked at mid-rise buildings with trash chutes.Green Garbology has always been our preferred vendor for odor control.They provide us with top notch equipment and excellent service.As you can imagine, trash rooms can get pretty smelly so odor control is a priority in upscale buildings.I would definitely recommend Green Garbology to anyone looking for a reputable company for any service related to your trash rooms.

    Toni Rose, CAM | Senior Community Manager

    Green Garbology has provided tireless service to my portfolio communities in Dallas, Texas.  Exceptional customer service, responsive to afterhours calls and emails.  Green Garbology is an instrumental part of my team, and I would be fiercely inept without them.

    Marilyn A. Weinberger, RPA®/ Somerset Association Management