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Baler Installation & Repairs

Baler Installation & Repairs

While many of you might have heard about balers as a piece of farming equipment, the same process applies to commercial waste-management balers. Commercial balers help companies reduce the amount of money, labor, time, and energy spent on the trash or recycling process.

Balers are large machines that bale, or bundle, trash or recyclable materials together by compressing their size and reducing their volume. In many businesses, balers are typically used for recyclable materials such as cardboard, plastics, cans, or other metal containers. The baler is designed to crush and compact these materials for maximum capacity and then they can be hauled off to the recycling center or facility for processing. 

Though it depends on the material, cardboard balers, for example, create compact stacks of cardboard that are roped together with baling wire. These stacks are much easier to transport than simply throwing cardboard boxes away in the same dumpster as trash bags. They allow for garbage to be disposed of in one area and cardboard in another, saving valuable room for garbage only. Staff or residents of a building do not need to break down cardboard boxes when using a baler and it saves valuable time that way as well. 

A waste management baler is a bigger piece of equipment, so it needs to be installed by an expert team. There needs to be a designated spot for the baler that is clear of other equipment. A baler should also be installed within a reasonable distance of where the business’ other trash or recycling facilities are located for ease of disposal or hauling services.

Balers run off of electricity and will make a level of noise due to the compacting process, so businesses will need to work with the installation team to understand electrical requirements and ideal location. Due to its size, some cities or facilities might also ask for a permit to install a baler. This is all something your installation representative can help with. 

Employees responsible for the waste and recycling management should be trained on how to properly use the baler. Proper training and safety guidelines greatly reduce the risk of improper use and potential injury. 

Due to their size and electronic components, if a baler needs repair or maintenance it is recommended to use a certified baler repair company or refer back to the original company that did the installation. 

Baler Install and Repair Services with Green Garbology

At Green Garbology, not only is our professional and skilled team of technicians able to install your waste or recycling baler correctly, but we are here to help throughout the lifetime of your equipment. Whether you have a question about general baler installation, training, or ongoing maintenance and repair options, we have you covered. Give us a call and request a free quote to see how a baler can make a huge difference for your business’ waste management system.

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