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NFPA Compliance Inspections

NFPA Compliance Inspections

At Green Garbology, safety and compliance are top priorities for our team. We will work with businesses to ensure your waste management systems and equipment are within compliance and in safe working conditions. 

One of the main ways we do this is through our own compliance and safety inspections that are aligned to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code 82 requirements. Businesses with trash rooms, and especially with trash rooms with chutes, must comply with NFPA Code 82 Sections 5.11.2 and 5.11.3. Business owners or building managers must have an annual inspection report on file for the Fire Marshall or other Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) when requested. 

Our team will help make sure the full setup is inspected, the correct paperwork is completed, and the requirements for these sections are met:

  • Inspection and verification of fire links
  • Inspection and testing of chute intake doors
  • Inspection and testing of chute discharge doors
  • Ensure chute doors auto-close and lock
  • Ensure power cut-off is accessible and operational
  • Trash compactor inspected and in good working order
  • Cart and bin wheels operating smoothly
  • Tippers and loaders operating correctly and safely
  • Inspection of discharge fire door 

If any problems arise or requirements are not in place, our team of specialists will work with and advise contractors and business owners. This team effort allows for the appropriate fixes and missing equipment to be put into place for maximum safety and operational functionality. 

Green Garbology is authorized to present business owners with a written annual inspection report that should be kept on file and referenced as needed. This approved and authentic annual inspection report is recognized by fire marshals and AHJ. 

Building relationships is very important to us and we appreciate your trust as a business owner to test and inspect your system at the highest quality. This allows our team to keep businesses safe and the proper authorities informed at any time throughout the year. Since these are annual inspections needed, you can rely on Green Garbology to be a confident partner in this aspect of your waste management setup and business operations.    

Safety First

At Green Garbology, we want to make sure businesses not only understand the safety and equipment requirements under the NFPA Code 82, but are set up with the correct documentation. Our team has been in the waste management realm for over forty years, and we understand the level of attention needed for annual inspection reports for the Fire Marshall. 

We want to ensure your building is safe for your staff, customers, and residents from the fire links all the way to the wheels on your bins working correctly. Give us a call to understand more about our annual NFPA Code 82 inspection process or to schedule yours today. 

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