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Trash Compactors Installation & Repairs

Trash Compactor

Trash Compactors Installation & Repairs

Trash compactors on a property are arguably the most important component of a trash-flow system. As the name suggests, they push garbage into a more compact space. This gives a business or residence more and more room to dispose of waste properly and efficiently.

Operating a trash compactor is fairly simple, but we do suggest proper training and oversight anytime a larger machine is on a property. Basically, the trash is placed in the compactor bin and a button or knob is pushed to activate the crushing equipment. Most compactors have a metal ram that when activated has a huge amount of power and crunching force. This really pushes the trash down and into the smallest pieces it can. Then, repeat. You will have layer after layer of crushed trash until the compactor is full and then everything can be hauled away to the dump.

Trash compactors greatly reduce the number of hauling trips needed, allow for refuse to be contained to one area of a property, and make trash more manageable. Trash compactors can also be a way to reduce the use of unnecessary trash bags. In addition, they reduce the amount of manpower needed at this stage in the trash-flow system, and employees, staff, and residents do not have to haul and empty trash bins throughout the day.

Installation & Repairs

At Green Garbology, we not only have the trash compactor equipment needed for your business, building, or larger apartment complex, we have installation and repairs/maintenance covered too. Our team of specialists understands how to maximize the trash processes and setup, so we will work with business owners and facilities managers one-on-one to come up with the best solutions.

Trash compactors are heavy pieces of equipment, so we will safely install them in a convenient location on your property. Over time, if you need a relocation we can also help transport your equipment safely. Our team will help provide training manuals and instructions for proper usage as well.

In addition, we want to ensure the longevity of your trash compactor, so we can help with trash compactor repair, be it a big or small job, along with any preventative maintenance ongoing.

Creating Enjoyable Living and Work Spaces

To learn more about how a trash compactor can benefit your business, office complex, or larger residential building give our team at Green Garbology a call today! We can discuss your specific trash flow needs and refuse capacity and even provide you with a free quote.

We also specialize in installation and ongoing maintenance and repairs, so we are here to provide the services you need ongoing to keep your trash compactor in top working condition.

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