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Trash Flow & Waste Management Analysis

Trash Flow Analysis

In a larger facility or residential complex, trash flow is an extremely important component of the day-to-day operations of a building. Not only does the trash flow system need to be structured with the correct location(s), equipment, processes, and safety guidelines, but there are actually a lot of cost analysis and efficiencies that need to be considered as well.

Some people might think simply “taking out the garbage” is not that big of a deal. However, at Green Garbology we know that when you’re dealing with tons upon tons of trash generated by a single high-density facility day-in and day-out, trash management is a huge job to oversee. Not only is it a huge job in terms of logistics and flow strategies, but in time and cost management.

Our team of professional and dedicated experts has been paving the way in reducing and improving how refuse is handled in larger complexes for over four decades. We are here to help business owners and facilities managers figure out the best approach to their complex trash management system and even have services to help analyze your costs, contracts, and overall capacity.

We are here to tell you that you do not need to tackle your complex trash flow system alone. The Green Garbology Trash Flow Analysis service is a great option for business owners and facilities managers who want to truly understand how to maximize their waste-management system and trash flow in their building or across their larger complex.

This analysis includes three main data points:

  1. Full walk-thru and inspection of the current trash flow system in place from start to finish and all steps in between
  2. Review of the type and mix of garbage and recycling currently being disposed of to ensure the correct equipment, machinery, and processes for disposal are in place
  3. Review of contracts with hauling companies to analyze the ongoing ebb and flow of refuse removal and any bottleneck situations or inefficiencies

After the inspections and analysis, a Green Garbology team member will sit down one-on-one with your internal team or representative to review our findings. During this time we will provide our recommendations for improvements to the system not only in terms of the process steps themselves, but if there are any opportunities for a contract renegotiation that can be discussed.

Our goal is to provide you with the next steps that are straightforward and directly connected to the data collected and reviewed.

Creating Enjoyable Living and Work Spaces

Services like our Trash Flow Analysis can be extremely eye-opening and can make a huge difference in a building or facility’s overall trash flow system. To learn more about the Green Garbology Trash Flow Analysis or our other waste management services, give us a call and schedule a consultation today.

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