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Total Trash Room Service

Total Trash Room Service

The trash room at a commercial building or larger residential complex needs to be operating at top efficiency and functionality not only for the benefit of your residents, but for the overall health of your building.

Trash rooms often house the larger equipment and machinery needed to keep the overall trash-management system flowing smoothly such as trash chutes, compactors, containers, and odor control systems.

The trash in a facility with multiple hundreds, or even thousands, of occupants or residents, can get overwhelming quickly, and bigger problems arise when a trash room is not maintained. Unpleasant odors, pests such as insects and rodents, and the breaking down or malfunctioning of equipment can affect your residents in a major way.

At Green Garbology, our goal is to support the overall waste-management system to keep trash under control and businesses and residents happy. Keeping the trash room in good working order, clean, and safe, will make all the difference. To help with this aspect of your waste-management system we have designed a monthly, customizable, Total Trash Room Service option for our customers.

What is Total Trash Room Service?

Our customizable Total Trash Room Service is scheduled every month like clockwork. A member of our Green Garbology team will visit your facility’s trash room to complete a series of checks to make sure everything is in top working order and will address ongoing maintenance as well. The Total Trash Room Service includes five major components for your business or complex:

  1. Evaluation of all equipment and machinery in the trash room (this might include loaders, compactors, tippers, etc.)
  2. Lubrication of equipment and machinery
  3. Report of repair issues, malfunctions, or areas of concern in the trash room
  4. Odor neutralization and control services
  5. Annual compliance inspections to keep your trash room in good standing with the Fire Marshal or for any building inspectors (including a fully certified inspection report for you to have on file)

Green Garbology also specializes in onsite repairs and equipment installation. This means if you need a new piece of machinery, need a replacement piece of equipment, or something comes up during the evaluation needing a repair, all of these things can be scheduled for the next monthly visit. Combining services like this monthly saves you an extra trip charge as a bonus.

Reducing and Improving How Refuse Is Handled

Green Garbology has been a leader in waste management for over forty years. We want to help your business or residential complex have the best trash flow system in place for maximum efficiency, cleanliness, and customer/resident satisfaction. Our Total Trash Room Service is a great addition to this system and our team is standing by to discuss what this can look like for your complex. Give us a call or fill out a form online so we can get the conversation started!

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